The Art of Craola

September 13, 2012


I admired Greg "Craola" Simkins' art even when said art consisted of working at a video game company ten years ago rendering patches of snow for twelve hours a day. Somehow he even made a white pixelated square on a computer screen magical, let alone the perfectly rendered scribbles and sketches that adorned his desk. But it was more than just his art and his technical skills. It was his work ethic and his ability to pour his passion into EVERYTHING that he touched. He was like an alternate, wizard-version of MIDAS but instead of turning things into gold he just literally turned them into MAGIC. And he still does so today with every stroke of his paintbrush. Forever inspiring, Greg's art is spawned from a youthful fascination with nature, the surreal, whimsical worlds and story telling. His work stretches the boundaries from creatures undiscovered in the belly of the sea all the way to what is being revealed in the clouds. To see more of his mind bending works, check out IMSCARED.com, or simply pay attention to your dreams, because it's more than likely that he's painting them right now.

–Alex Pardee