Pardee's Pick: The Art of Cody Schibi

September 24, 2012

Two years ago, artist Dave Correia and I, along with filmmaker Stephen Reedy, drove across the USA over the course of a month, stopping in various towns, encouraging anyone and everyone to draw by offering to trade "a sketch for a sketch"


Out of all of the towns, cities, and dungeons that we set up our gypsy-camps in, and amongst all of the rad art that we traded and collected with over a thousand people, ONE person stood out immediately among the crowd. His name is Cody Schibi, and he dominated both of our brains while we were sketching and hanging in Austin Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater.


On average, because of our schedule, Dave and I had about 3-4 minutes to sketch something in exchange for whatever sketch that was handed to us. We knew we weren't creating masterpieces within this time constraint, but a lot of the time we knew it was more about the fun and the experience and the shared time with the artist that was nice enough to stand in line. However, when Cody handed us his "sketches", they stopped us in our tracks. Both Dave and I put our pens down and just stared. The amount of grotesque detail that he had bled into a "sketch" was absurd. Dave and I hung our heads down, thanked him, and apologetically handed him 2-minute sketches that should have seemed offensive. But nope. He was gracious. He was a weird, talented angel.


Since then I have followed Cody's work closely and not only has his line-work, his ability to make pointilism look awesome (I have generally had a huge distaste for pointilism since it was the ONLY thing required in high school art classes in the 90's), and his subject matter evolved, but Cody has also consistently been able to do something rare: gross me out.


Boils, blisters, stretched skin, and visible stenches are prevalent in a majority of his work, some of which is pop-culture based, and some of which is obviously out of the nightmares of his Japanese Horror alter-ego, both of which fit perfectly in around Halloween.


To see more of his work here


–Alex Pardee