I have been drawn to Allison Sommers' work since the moment I laid eyes on it simply because I had never seen anything like it before. I still haven't. Nothing screams juxtaposition more than Allison's seamless blend of soft and disgusting.

Seriously, how can a creature so obviously pain-stricken, strained, tortured and wet be so... soft, and actually inviting of a hug?? I have no idea, but that thought, and her art, continue to amaze me. Check out her featured interview in my special Halloween Issue of Juxtapoz this month (on sale now), and you can read a little more about her below.


–Alex Pardee





"Allison Sommers is a Brooklyn-based artist working primarily in gouache. She creates complicated, intricate, uncomfortable worlds of meat, vegetation, and birds and beasts of various sizes. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in History and a concentration in Early Medieval England.


Allison grew up an only child with an abundance of pets and a sense of reality grounded in make-believe. Being constantly surrounded by animals led her to develop a skewed concept of personhood that now extends into her work: humanoid animals, beasts, and even inanimate objects and foods take on an agency and interact with her worlds. Her work is intentionally vague, both conceptually and morally, and hints at underlying narrative structure without providing clear artist-authorship to guide the viewer through."


See more of her work here