This morning we are enjoying the work of Italian artist Nunzio Paci. Paci lives and works in Bologna. His fascination with anatomy begins with an analytical look, observing the matter while dissecting it. Only then does he move 'from the phenomenon to the complexity of the symbol and of culture.'


When the phenomenological look of the artists touches the geometries of the organs and the structures of the living body, he considers them as they are, pure combining, proliferating shapes, and he observes their motion and function principles. An analytical look, which observes the matter while dissecting it: only next, he moves from the phenomenon to the complexity of the symbol and of culture. Anatomy’s fascination is for Paci anything but macabre and funereal: it is, in contrast, exertion and vital tension, muscle tissue and fibers, apparatus, hybrids, grafts, evolution. In illness, he doesn’t spot the evidence of the inevitable decay and the sign of memento mori, but the fight and the strategy that life itself applies to keep on perpetuating through generations, so that from the dusty rooms of a little but precious museum, new and deep reflections on the living body as first metaphor and origin of any other analogy started. - Davide W. Pairone