The 2013 Zundert Flower Parade

September 05, 2013

The largest flower parade in the world (we were unaware of any) takes place in the small town of Zundert, Netherlands on the first Sunday of September. Thousands of spectators were greeted with over twenty amazing gigantic floats made with flowers. The incredible floats included everything from MC Escher and Monet-inspired to Aztec rulers and giant snorting pigs! Sounds like fun!



On the first Sunday of September, the small town of Zundert in the south of Netherlands came alive as it hosted the largest flower parade in the world. Corso Zundert has become known worldwide as a grandiose event that takes over the streets with gigantic floats all made with flowers. Thousands of spectators, both young and old, came out to witness the twenty amazing dahlia creations.

This year, we saw everything from MC Escher and Monet inspired floats to one featuring, wait a minute, flashers! The first place winner was called Crazy Gold (or Gekkengoud) and it was by Laer-Akkermolen. Float designers Steven van Erck and Stefan van Steen created this gargantuan wonder about the Aztec ruler that had himself gilded. The Spanish believed that whoever looked at him would slowly become mad. Oro Loco they called it or "maddening gold". You can watch the huge flower sculpture move through the streets, here.

Second place went to Klein-Zundertse Heikant for Ent, the tree that glows green (video), and third place went to Schijf for Black Gold, which featured a giant snorting pig peeking out from under the ground (video).

These brand new photos were just released to us by the people who run Corso Zundert. (We first wrote about their parade last year.) Though all the photos are impressive, you must watch the videos to really see these flower floats in action. (The winning Aztec-inspired float had 53 different movements!)