On October 8th, Superchief Gallery & VANS opens "SOFT," a collection of woven tapestries featuring a wicked lineup of artists whose work is anything but "soft." If you've ever wanted some gnarly artwork on your bedspread, you should definitely check out this show.  

Curated by Sean Morris and Michael C Hsiung, "SOFT" features the artwork of Skinner, Mike Giant, Essy May, Lauren YS, Tina Lugo, Broken Fingaz, Alexander Heir, Travis Millard, Georgia Hill, Kristina Collantes, Hannah Stouffer, David Cook, Heather Benjamin, Luke Pelletier, Nathan Alexis Brown, Maddy Young, Austin England, Dale Dreiling, Sean Morris, Sheryo & The Yok, Marigold Santos, James Jirat Patradoon, We Buy Your Kids, Bene Rohlmann, Michelle Blade, Chris Yee and French.