One of the most exciting fields of art we have beeon covering over the past few years has been textile work. From Jessica Campbell at MCA Chicago, Ben Venom in the UK or the continuing body of works from Erin M Riley, artists have been finding original ways to talk about a folk style. One of the artists on our radar, Diedrick Brackens, is currently showing darling divined at the New Museum in NYC, with a series of "intricately woven textiles that speak to the complexities of black and queer identity in the United States." The show is on view through September 15, 2109. 

We will be talking to Brackens in the future about his textile work, which are "Interlacing diverse traditions, including West African weaving, European tapestries, and quilting from the American south." They expand on what the textile form can be, contemporary language used for an antiquated yet powerful medium. As the museum notes, "Brackens creates cosmographic abstractions and figurative narratives that lyrically merge lived experience, commemoration, and allegory. He uses both commercial dyes and unconventional colorants such as wine, tea, and bleach, and foregrounds the loaded symbolism of materials like cotton, with its links to the transatlantic slave trade."