Terry Richardson "Terrywood" @ OHWOW, Los Angeles

February 23, 2012

NYC-based Terry Richardson is coming to Los Angeles with his exhibition, Terrywood, opening February 24 at OHWOW Gallery. Of course, Terry would have the perfect title for his solo. The exhibition, Terry's first ever in Los Angeles, will feature 25 new photographs from the famed photographer.

As OHWOW writes, "Inspired by the multiple facets of Hollywood life, TERRYWOOD unveils a series of images of the famous locale, as seen through Richardson’s eyes. Terryworld meets Hollywood, as local characters, familiar landscapes, and architectural details, now verge on having a new identity. With images such as Hooray for Hollywood and NUDE, both photographs of the proverbial chintzy signs that are ubiquitous throughout Hollywood, Richardson illustrates his proclivity for branding whatever subject matter he approaches. Through a medium not typically understood as effective in translating an artist’s personality, Richardson manages to make his hand evident within his photographs. His identity is unmistakably present here, as if he created the very objects and scenes his camera captures."


Terrywood- Walk Of Fame from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.


Terry Richardson


February 24 - March 31, 2012

937 North La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069