Tenderloin Dirt Harvest At YBCA

Feb 20, 2014YBCA, San Francisco

Join the local SF community for an evening of gathering dirt—quite literally—featuring a new project by artist Ilana Crispi. The project, "Tenderloin Dirt Harvest: Please be seated on the ground," invites patrons to drink and eat from ceramic vessels made from Tenderloin soil. The evening features lively discussions and stories gathered from a place many call their next-door neighborhood.

"I craft evidence of strange happenings. A shift in perspective can reveal a more interesting or truthful story. I look at perspective and examine the way we see a landscape or a history or a social exchange. I build with fragments of narrative, incorporating bits of stories through audio clips and clay and familiar forms, into unfamiliar situations. The objects and environments I make are part of the real world, often extending beyond the art gallery," says Ilana Crispi.

Ilana Crispi is a San Francisco based visual artist. Using ceramics, fiber, and traditional craft along with contemporary technologies and junk materials, she creates excessively crafted objects and environments. Her creations are sometimes temporary and change over time. They occupy the gallery space and extend beyond to the street and sometimes into unexpected encounters. She makes sculptures and installations of the ephemeral: shadows and footprints and the impressions of stories. She creates permanent precious objects as well as those that challenge ideas of authenticity or value. Her work often focuses on ideas of perception, the ways in which we perceive our environments and the things we desire.