BEYOND THE STREETS and the free NTWRK app have teamed up again this year with a curated selection of collectibles, collaborations, limited-edition prints and original art. Day 2 is today, and we take a look at two of Juxtapoz's favorites, Lauren YS and Spacebrat, and the two capsules they are presenting on the app. 

LA-based artist Lauren YS (formerly known as squid.licker and former Juxtapoz contributing writer) draws inspiration from queer worlds, non-binary identities, mythology, dreams, psychedelia, animation, cybernetic organisms, travel, nature, human dignity, metaphysical wonderings, and their mixed Asian-American heritage. Her release is a print edition with BTS. Guan Yin ( 觀音), a 15 x 20 inch print in an edition of 150, signed and numbered. Her release drops at 11:15am PST. 

Jasmine Monsegue, AKA Spacebrat, will be another major highlight on day 2, as the designer and visual artist from Houston, Texas, living and working in Los Angeles will present 4 original works on canvas.  A rarity in the art world, Spacebrat's main medium is airbrush, and she does not limit her work to canvas but jumps from furniture to paper; from canvas to clothing. Spacebrat's release will drop exclusivelty on NTWRK at 12:30pm PST.