There’s Megan Thee Stallion, winner of best hip-hop video at the 2020 VMAs, on the cover of Bazaar. Do you know she’s completing her degree in health administration at TSU? There’s Michaela Cole, who started out with poetry slams, producing, directing and starring in I May Destroy You. Do you know she turned down $1m from Netflix when they refused to offer her intellectual property ownership for the show she created? There’s tax attorney Stacey Abrams, strategic master of voter participation. Do you know she’s written eight mystery/romance novels? Through June 2021, SeeBlackWomxn, programmed through Virtual Wednesdays by San Francisco’s de Young and Legion of Honor, aims to open your eyes to such fulsome capacity and capability.

By enlarging the vista of the artistic landscape, the Museum enlarges the scope of Art, inviting us to be more than viewers, but to engage our whole selves, as exemplified by the Black feminists just described—and in upcoming programming, through the SeeBlackWomxn collective, founded by artists and activists Tahirah Rasheed, Angela Hennessy, Dana King, and Jamani Montague. Raised on Black feminist theory, SeeBlackWomxn centers the lineage and legacy of Black women and the contemporary Black Arts scene.

Virtual Wednesdays joins the third season of the podcast Local Voices, both part of the Fine Arts Museums’ renaissance, as it enters our homes, accompanies our walks and encourages us to explore more when doors open again. SeeBlackWomxn and see the possibilities in your neighbors and yourself.