Art & creative brand AllRightsReserved’s latest digital and physical collectables platform, FWENCLUB, joint hands with renowned Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai in launching his first NFT collection, “People In The Place The Love," the first 1,000 NFTs were minted on February 14th (HKT) at the cost of 1 ETH (about US$3,127)* and were sold in a heartbeat. Almost 90 percent of the NFTs are still held by FWENCLUB supporters. 

The first 1,000 NFTs were distributed through a mystery box system and revealed at 9PM HKT, February 16th. Art supporters and celebs alike could not wait to show off their collection. To thank his supporters, Yusuke Hanai painted special legendary avatars for KAWS, entrepreneur-turned-space-explorer Yusaku Maezawa, Jay Chou, JJ Lin, as well as AllRightsReserved and FWENCLUB founder SK Lam and more. With just a few brushstrokes the essence of these people is captured and recreated perfectly in Hanai’s art style. These special avatars will be kept permanently by those pictured. Riding on the “Hanai Storm” that swept across social media when the project was first announced last month, NFT market analysts expect the NFT’s market value to reach new heights.

FWENCLUB is a digital and physical collectibles creation platform, an extension of the creative brand AllRightsReserved.

FWENCLUB possesses intellectual property rights and talent to inject new life to a digital or physical art piece, transforming it into new formats – turning collectible figurines to NFTs, and vice versa. With an understanding of the impact of art, and how it can bring people together, FWENCLUB collaborates with artists and brands to capture previously unthinkable opportunities.

From physical, to now digital collectibles, FWENCLUB creates art that can traverse between both worlds, and shape a new digital culture.