Juxtapoz x Mozilla "VR Roadshow" In Southeast Asia: Kristopher Ho in Hong Kong

December 22, 2017

For the past few weeks, we have been exploring one of our favrote projects of the year, one that we find super exciting as we see artists work with new materials and platforms to take their illustrative or street works into unconventional and new avenues. This past Fall, we worked with Mozilla on their Developer Roadshows in Asia, where we paired artists with new WebVR art and A-Painter to craft virtual reality artwork. We visited Singapore a few days ago, but today we are in Hong Kong with illustrator Kristopher Ho, where he gives some very insightful ideas as to how his artwork can interact in new ways with his audience and viewers. 

Mozilla (makers of Firefox) is showing off the technology around the globe at their Developer Roadshows. Artists and developers can use A-Painter to craft virtual reality artwork. No headsets required, but the pieces really shine with a Visor or a Google Cardboard. Mozilla is documenting artists and their work in an online web series shot in some pretty exotic locations, where the films show artist reactions to the tech and their virtual creations.

You can see WebVR in action at one of Mozilla‚Äôs Developer Roadshows and watch artist reactions in the upcoming web series. To get started with WebVR, visit the hub The site features how-tos, demos, code snippets and more.

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