As expected and well, expected, we had our eyes on how the NFT community of collectors would respond to one of the most famous artists on both Instagram and now in the gallery and installation world: Joan Cornellà. The Spanish aritsts work seems to translate so well to the digital world it was only a matter of time before his first NFT drop. And here it was this week, MOAR, created in conjunction with FWENCLUB (which did the Yusuke Hanai release a few months back). The limited edition 5,555 NFTs sold out in seconds and were sold as “blind boxes” in 3 batches, and the visuals will be unboxed for all holders at a later date.

“I started by making silent comics to experiment on social media, which has been instrumental to show my work to a wide audience," said Joan Cornellà. "Most people know me through the internet, so I owe a lot to this medium. By trying different things, I can express myself through my works in different mediums. It’s always good to try new things and here comes my first-ever NFT collection. I believe working with FWENCLUB can bring new interesting creations.”