We all know of Haroshi as the master of the handcrafted art, recycling and reusing old skateboards to create sculptural works and sculptural paintings. He has gained a legacy in both skateboarding and fine art, a unique artist for our unique century. His recent show at NANZUKA was evidence of his own evolution as well. 

And now, he is using technology to see his work spread around the world.  Today, LGND Inc. announces Tokyo-based artist Haroshi’s debut collection of digital artworks titled RECYCLED PIXELS. Haroshi explores the medium of digital art for the first time with this unique collection. RECYCLED PIXELS is currently available to preview on LGND.art and will officially launch on Sunday, August 8th at 8pm (EST). 

For this groundbreaking collection, the artist has created three limited-edition NFTs inspired by his mosticonic pieces – MiddleFinger, Free Hydrant and Skull. With some elements of movement and sound, Haroshi provides new dimension and context to these familiar sculptural pieces giving us insight as to its new existence in the virtual world.

“Artists have traditionally had difficult experiences when it comes to owning the rights to their art,” says Haroshi. “NFTs can live on forever and will truly shift this dynamic. It is my belief that all artists should share in the benefits of their work, especially because true creation comes from the heart.”

"We're excited to work with Haroshi on his genesis NFT which fully embraces this digital medium," says Ty Carter, Head of the Artist Council at LGND. "Haroshi is pushing the analog into a new space by asking what it means to be virtual."

See more at https://lgnd.art/