Back in January, we've introduced Saudinho, Brazilian artist Andre Gola's alter ego which he's been working with for the last couple of years. He recently continued creating the body of work, paintings on canvas that unite simple illustrative linework and embroidery, and has created an augmented reality presentation to reveal these pieces.


Uitilizing the most basic of artistic tools—a pen and paper—Gola has been using Saudinho to reflect on the simple pleasures and struggles of life. With the addition of threads, the work is cleverly stepping outside the flatness of the canvas, while keeping the signature aesthetic.

The 11 new pieces that comprise Quarantine Mind Stories are exploring the states of mind the artist has experienced during the lockdown, a set of emotions that the majority of people can relate to. Creating easily understandable visual metaphors, the images are referencing lethargy, addiction to phone, lack of motivation, difficulties in balancing the home and work activities, as well as little victories and little losses we've all experienced daily. The artist is hoping to provide us a way to reflect on our daily routines through humor and acceptance by presenting these works through the screen of our phones, a gadget that has proven to be an essential part of our life in recent months.

his virtual exhibition is made possible through the use of virtual and augmented reality tools on Instagram, now readily available through filters. The visitors are welcome to "enter Saudinho's mind" (easiest through Andre Gola's Instagram profile), and use their fingers to navigate around it. Besides showcasing the new body of work, Gola is hoping to motivate other creatives to explore the alternative solutions provided by modern technologies and supply more visual stimulants to people that are unable to experience the real world outside their homes. —Sasha Bogojev