Teaser: May 2012 Public Art Issue with ESPO, Swoon, El Mac, and JR

April 10, 2012

We are pleased to announce our very special May 2012 issue, a special examination on the state of public art today. We have published 4 special covers for the occasion, Steve Powers, JR, Swoon, and El Mac, as well as features with Nuart, FAME Festival, Swoon, Powers, JR, an essay by Ron English, and a conversation between Revok and Saber.

In the issue we look at the positive impacts that Public Art has made in particular communities around the world, as well as each artist's specific experience working in the public sphere. We introduce the issue with our mission statement about where we think Public Art can be taken in the years to come, and the positive impact we see Public Art contributed to the United States.

Stay tuned as the Public Art Issue hits newsstands in the next few days...