Wes Lang "Here Comes Sunshine" @ Half Gallery, NYC

May 09, 2012

One of our favorite NYC-based artists, Wes Lang, is set to open a new solo show, Here Comes Sunshine, at the Lower East Side's Half Gallery this May 17, 2012. We follow Lang's blog closely, and he is good about updating it with oldies and newbies, and we recommend spending some time looking at his Americana meets tattoo meets stream of consciousness. And it is always good.

Lang told Interview magazine years ago, "I like to take American history and then completely ignore it. I come at it visually, taking images and telling my own story. It comes out of criticism and great love. There are problems [with America], and we all know that, but I'm attracted to the dark side of things."



Here Comes Sunshine

May 17—June 22, 2012

Reception: Thursday, May 17th, 6-8 p.m.