'Under The Needle' Web Series

September 11, 2012


'"Under the Needle" is a new web series brought to you by the filmmakers responsible for the historic documentary "Color Outside the Lines. Under the Needle will provide viewers with insight into what you as a consumer, should look for when you make the decision to get a tattoo. You will learn about the different styles of body art, techniques used, how artists come up with their ideas and actually see them apply these works of art to skin.
The first artist in the series is up and comer Paper Frank. Frank is an Atlanta based artist, working out of the shop, City of Ink. When we shot the documentary, Frank was just an apprentice, mopping floors, scrubbing tubes and taking corner store orders for the other artists in the shop. 2 years later from the time he started apprenticing he has now built a following for himself, based around his unique artwork and extraordinary talent.'