Sunday's Siren: Airica Michelle

June 03, 2012

Airica Michelle has been an inked and modified model out of Southern California since the end of 2007.  Like a cotton candy-coated trip to a magenta carnival, Aricia's bright, vibrant style is reflected in both her tattoos and modeling work. She generously supplies a list of all of her body modifications, to those who are interested- which includes 3 Super Mario Bro's Yoshi's on various parts of her body??

Body Modifications:


· four roses on my right arm 
· a white tiger on my right arm 
· a peacock on my right arm 
· my momma’s name on my right arm 
· a seal on my right arm 
· a seahorse on my right arm 
· a sparrow on my right arm 
· rose petals 
· skeleton key on my right foot

·a locket on my left foot
· nautical star on my left ankle 
· mario power up star (starman) on my right ankle 
· yoshi on my left thigh 
· bows on my hips 
· a rose on each side of my boobs 
· two heart outlines on my lower back/upper butt area 
· a winged heart on my left wris

· two yoshis on my back 
· heart outline behind my ear

· a rose in each armpit

· a mermaid sidepiece


· both sides of nose

· nipples
· 3 holes in each ear