Seattle's Bryan Kachel

August 15, 2012
greetings-bryan-kachel-vide In this episode of Greetings, Seattle based tattooer Bryan Kachel talks about how he got into tattooing and why he loves it. 'I’ ve been interested in art and tattooing as long as I can remember. From refusing to settle for coloring books and needing to draw from my own imagination, to sketching on friends in elementary school. When I was fifteen, a friend of mine had homemade tattoo equipment and we jokingly tattooed his arm, after that it dawned on me that I could one day be a tattoo artist. Over the years I drew lots of tattoo designs for friends and the question was always the same, “ when are you going to start doing this?”' Produced by Mike Folden.

Greetings: Bryan Kachel from Mike Folden on Vimeo.


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