"The Art of Don Ed Hardy Including, But Not Limited To" @ Bolinas Museum

June 29, 2012

Tomorrow, in the small Northern California coastal town of Bolinas, Don Ed Hardy will have an exhibition open at the Bolinas MuseumThe Art of Don Ed Hardy Including, But Not Limited To. We have attended shows at the Bolinas Museum, including Barry McGee and Clare Rojas, and the curation continues to be excellent in the artistically conscious but secluded town. With our cover story with Don Ed Hardy last year still on our minds, we can't wait to make the drive up to Bolinas. 

From the Museum:

Don Ed Hardy is an internationally recognized tattoo artist, a painter and printmaker. His work is widely exhibited and he is also a scholar of tattoo history and lore. He has curated tattoo exhibitions and written and published catalogs about the art of tattooing. His original Tattoo City is in San Francisco’s North Beach.

Tattoo has an ancient lineage in human history and is found in cultures all over the world. Japan’s tattooing tradition is thought to extend back to 10,000 BCE. In 1991 a remarkably preserved body from 3,3000 BCE, Otzi the Iceman, was found in the mountainous border between Austria and Italy. His body bore 57 tattoos. Today tattoo has enjoyed a resurgence of enthusiasm as men and women of diverse ages have chosen to decorate their bodies.


The exhibition will be on view from June 30 to August 12, 2012.