Preview: Mike Giant "I Know You're Out There" @ Pretty Pretty Collective, SF

May 19, 2012

According to Mike Giant, "All the works in the show are based around my search for a new girlfriend. And those works will be on display tonight, May 19, at Pretty Pretty Collective in San Francisco, feautruring all new works written out in sentence form. Like Sir Mix-A-Lot lyrics.

"Half of the show is made up of fake personal ads reminiscent of the ads I used to post in San Francisco's free weekly newspapers in the mid-'90s. The other half of the show features quotes from lyricists that reflect some of my general preferences and feelings about women. I'm sure there will everyone will find something amusing and terribly distasteful in these new pieces. Also, all the pieces in this show are text-based. All rendered by hand, as usual. That's about it."