Greg Christian's Burning Skulls

November 15, 2012
'Greg Christian, a talented artist for over 20 years, began his professional career in Elizabethton, Tennessee, at Tennessee Mountain Tattoo, working for F.E. Craig. After 3 years, he took his skills on the road to Miami, Florida working for the Tattoos By Lou Corporation. For the next 5 years, he made Lou's shops his home base as he traveled all over the country working for numerous world renowned shops. His extended experience in tattooing has enabled him to feature his work among the top tattooists in the world. After moving back to Cleveland, Ohio and working for 7 years, he and his partner, Dave Wulff felt it was time to go on their own, effectively creating an incomparable partnership in owning what will be a whole new tattoo experience for Northern Ohio.' IMG_2332