Fuzi Fuzi Fuzi

June 06, 2012
'It happened in the middle of a hotel room full of ten guys smoking and drinking beer or sitting on his toilet seat. I like tattoos which have a story, a soul, I don’t give a shit if it’s perfect or not and I don’t want a photo-copy on the arm made by an art school guy! A prison tattoo or an image made with only a needle in the garage of a stranger will have much more beauty for me....' Fuzi, a brutal tattoo artist out of France on how he started tattooing.

Your style is ignorant as you say.
– I like what’s real, which doesn’t get too heavy with techniques, trends or influences. A drawing of a kid, a lasered train’s bench or three dots tattooed on the hand – that’s what I call beauty. I call myself ignorant to mock the crowd of fashion tattoo artists who think they are gangster graffiti brats who bombs into art galleries and invents a past as a vandal. They are so many, i don’t waste my time hating them, I just ignore them.


What inspires you and what are your influences?
– I read a lot and educate myself without proper direction. I don’t force my tastes or my choices. I love a renaissance painting that will open a raw vision. I get inspired by everything and gonna mix everything and the opposite.


Tattoos are permanent marks that will travel on to the future, what do you try to fix in the skin of you clients?
– Honestly, i don’t give a damn about the permanent part of the thing. I don’t care much about the aesthetics of the body or where the piece should be placed. The ”It’s-for-ever-so-i-must-be-careful-speech” breaks my balls! I prefer the ”I-like-that-image, it-touches-me, tattoo-it”. There ain´t no need to think ten years about it, at the end our body will finish burned in a hole with its tattoos. As i said, I like what’s behind it, a story or a meeting, the impressions of a night which will stay in you more deep then the picture itself. And I’m conscious that the guy comes to ”offer his skin” etc… but i don’t make a holy thing of it. It’s a fun thing to do, that’s all.


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