Full Blackwork Tattoos

September 26, 2012

No matter your rhyme or reasoning, getting a solid, blackwork tattoo is a big deal. Whether its a hand, a leg, a full sleeve, or a portion of, you've committed your body to the ink. Here's a set of some blackwork tattoos of epic proportions, and a list of blackwork tattoo artists from around the globe if you feel so inclined.... image by Junmatsui.

List of Blackwork Artists


Thomas Hooper, Saved Tattoo, Brooklyn NY Ishmael. Westside Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO. Shane Murphy, Out Of The Dark World Tattoo, Worcester, MA Michael E. Bennett, 2Spirit Tattoo, San Francisco Roxxi, 2Spirit Tattoo, San Francisco Kimberly Reed, The Butcher Tattoo Studio, Savannah, GA Michael DeMatty of Black & Blue Tattoo, San Francisco, CA. Ed Frazier, Diamond Thieves, Asheville NC


george costache, zink studios, canterbury Deryn, Tenacious Tattoo, Sheffield UK Chris Higgins, Into You Tattoo, UK. Tomas Tomas, Into You Tattoo, UK. Jessi James, Art and Soul Plymouth, Devon. Andy Bowler, Monki Do Tattoo Studio, Belper, Derbyshire, UK Mark Gibson, Monki Do Tattoo Studio, Belper, Derbyshire, UK. Boff Konkerz, London. Kris, Studio IX in Manchester, England.

New Zealand/Australia

Tim Hunt, Pacific Tattoo, Paekakariki, NZ Megan Oliver, Inner Vision Tattoo, Sydney, Australia. Daniel Sharp, Victims of ink, port melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


mark mason, addicted tattoo, barcelona


Alexis Calvie, Black Heart tattoo studio, St Raphael, France. Lenad Nada, Mikes tattoo - Lille - France


Manuel Winkler Clockwork Tattoos Italy


Frede, Black Sheep, Odense, DK


Susan, Ink Tank Tattoo, Zurich

Czech Republic

Martin, Hell Fallen Angel, Prague, CZ


Gerhard Wiesbeck, Time Travelling Tattoo, Germany


Patrik, Blue Lotus, Eskilstuna Sweden.


Jesse Villarreal, Main St. Tattoo in Merced, CA. mikel - 4 truths tattoo sangha - victoria b.c.