French Street Artist, Ludo, Opens Tattoo Popup Parlor in Amsterdam

October 18, 2017

Last weekend, The Garage contemporary art space in Amsterdam hosted their second solo exhibition with Ludovic Vernhet, aka Ludo. For his comeback show after 6 years away from Amsterdam, the Paris-based artist turned the gallery space in the historic part of Amsterdam into a pop-up tattoo parlour.

Built around the idea of commitment and determination, Ludo produced a slightly different body of work for this showcase. Taking the rose as a symbol of balance, promise, hope, and new beginnings, he created a series of drawings in which the same image gets a different meaning. Applying similar concept he is frequently using for his tech-hybrids paintings and street pieces, he developed clever way to reappropriate the familiar symbol within his iconic imagery. The artist's main goal was to urge people to commit to things that are important and take actions needed to chase their dreams and goals. This entire idea was further accented through a tattoo parlor that was set in the gallery space, giving the visitors a chance to get a free tattoo with Ludo's artwork by Jeremy Hensey. Challenging people to put their money, or skin, where their mouth is, French artist managed to transcend his artwork further beyond paper format it was originally existing on. —Sasha Bogojev

Photo credits to Rene Mesman (install) & Raymond Van Mil (tattoo)