Elayne Angel's Mermaid Scales

June 28, 2012
IMG_7395 'My most major work was done by Juli Moon in Seabrook, New Hampshire in 1992. I went to Juli's Bed and Breakfast tattoo studio and stayed there for a total of 11 days. I did three days of piercings in between the 8 tattoo sessions it took to complete the work. The colorful mermaid scales, fins and gills that completely cover (and transform) me from waist to toes took a total of 59 hours over those 8 sessions. Juli has an incredibly gentle touch, but, wow! There is no black ink whatsoever in my mermaid tail. The very darkest shade is a deep purple, which gives my legs a soft, shimmery look. People often mistake my tattoo as being tights or stockings.' elayne-angel-1 elayne-angel-3