Back in the summer of 2003, Juxtapoz published a special Tattoo Art Issue, featuring non-other than a Ed Hardy x Bob Roberts cover story (seen in the gallery above). That is American tattoo royalty. In conjunction with Ed Hardy: Deeper than Skin's summer and fall run at the de Young museum in San Francisco, we continue a series of tattoo and fine art stories to reflect and relish not only Ed Hardy's career, but the culture worldwide. 

This week, we look at Hardy's words for one of his most famous peers, Bob Roberts. In that Tattoo Art issue, Hardy writes about an exhibition of works by him and Roberts that had just shown at Santa Monica's Track 16 Gallery, where he talks about his longtime artistic rival/accomplice. 

"In the early 1990s, Bob began pursuing his own muse, laying down intricate, perfectly layered watercolor epics that fuse classic American tattoo imagery. Tibetan thangka meditative paintings and outlaw biker and lowrider designs. His experience as a musician also impacts the work. Through utilizing the controlled format of black-out-lined, spit-shaded tattoo flash, his paintings take things over the top into a complex mix of a world familiar yet never seen before." 

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