Creeping Gore and Ryan Dearringer

June 19, 2012
Ryan Dearringer is an award winning, custom tattoo artist at Sacred Ink, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is among a new breed of tattoo artists, who attempt to blend art, in all its wonders and splendors, into the world of tattoo. He pulls inspiration for his tattoo work from all styles and influences of art, and attempts to push the boundaries of tattoo to new levels. Whether it be Portraits, Old School tattoos, New Schooltattoos, Graffiti style, or Fine art tattoos, Ryan has a way of making it work in an innovative manner. He believes that the core of what makes a tattoo artist great, is that they are an artist first, and a tattoo artist second. He approaches each and every tattoo design he creates in a similar manner. 20101006205943_l