Clifton Carter's Tattoo

October 05, 2012
Clifton Carter states, “I have been working at tattoo shops since 1999 and apprenticed in 2000. I started tattooing full time in January 2001. I like doing every type of tattoo especially anything that looks like an Ed Hardy thing. In my tattooing I am just trying to carry images and ideas forward that I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to. There has been so much beautiful visual art made in human history that I would love to help people wear in the skin. My influences are Ed Hardy, Tom Berg, George Burchette, George Bigmore, Ben Corday, Horichiyo, Hokusai, Ito Jakachu, Shohaku, Charles Dana Gibson, Chris Conn, Leo Zuleta, Mayan Vase painting, Marquesan art, Borneo art, religious art, the 14th century Flemish painters, EVERYONE that has ever or is currently working at Tattoo City, native american art, Gerhard Richter, Andrew Goldsworthy, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and many more.”