Brian Viveros: Paintings of Tattooed Sin

October 26, 2012
Brian-M-Viveros-METALLICA-painting Brian Viveros’ paintings of dark eyed, tattooed vixens are a grimy mix of oil, airbrush, acrylic, and ink. In his work, Viveros occasionally incorporates his own signature mediums like blood, cigarettes and alcohol, further adding to their dark, evocative nature. Viveros is based in Riverside, California. DEVIL-IN-ME-2011-18x24oilmixed-media-on-maple-board-large-1 EVILLASTING-LOVE-2011-18x24-oil_mixed-media-on-maple-board MYSTERIO-WRESTLE-HER-II-oil_mixed-media-on-maple-board_16x20_