Tara Tucker @ Rena Bransten Gallery, SF

January 08, 2012
taratucker_thumbbig Berkeley-based artist Tara Tucker, previously featured in the September 2011 issue of Juxtapoz, is currently exhibiting her most recent work in her new solo show, "If Wishes Were Horses," at the Rena Bransten Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The show runs through January 28th, 2012.

Rena Bransten writes:

While Tara Tucker’s new works continue to showcase her rendering skills in both graphite and acrylic paint, she has broadened the metaphorical base of her animal characters. Instead of mutating and merging with the plant kingdom to enhance survival opportunities, they now represent human emotions, the artist’s autobiographical experiences, and an awareness of the importance of proportion in balancing wants and needs, success and failure, risk and progress.  

The title “If Wishes Were Horses…” refers to a frequent admonition by Tucker’s mother in response to her childhood requests for anything considered too out of reach or too outlandish.  In the drawing that inspired the show’s title, a miniature horse is her emotional stand-in - an “oddity” bedecked by friends (the spider monkeys) braiding her mane as she awaits her transformation into a beauteous creature.  The hope that embellishment and clothing would transmogrify insecurities seems ironic to the adult Tucker who acknowledges the existence of a global industry promoting not only the “fashion is art” concept but also the transformative powers of designer clothing. In her raw linen pieces (hand-woven by artist Valerie Gnadt), Tucker has the spider monkeys fashioning exotic plants into stylish jungle couture and modeling the results.