Takashi Murakami @ Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

February 02, 2012
Something tells us that Takashi Murakami is a fun person to be around. The Superflat artist is set to have a major museum show, Murakami—Ego, open at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar on February 9, featuring 60 works from 1997 to the present, with new works created for this specific exhibition. Anyone going to Doha? The exhibition is open through June 24, 2012

The exhibition will be Murakami's first in the Middle East, and is part of the Qatar Museum Authority's attempt "to promote and support local and international art, foster conversations about artists and popular culture, and build bridges between cultures." This seems to be part of Qatar's 2022 World Cup promotion cycle. Good choice in going with Murakami first.


All images via BKRW