A Taiwanese Military Dependents' Village Animated with Color

Taiwan is spotted with what are called “military dependents’ villages,” communities built in the 1940s and ‘50s to house Nationalist soldiers and their dependents after the KMT retreated to Taiwan. They have since become permanent settlements. With little attention and care, the settlements often face typical urban problems and many have been demolished.

In one of these villages, in Taichung City, Huang Yung-fu, a self-taught artist, has transformed the space into his own maze of illustrations and bright colors. The artist began painting at 84, and has adorned the place enough to become one of Taichung City’s tourist attractions. Now, he paints a little every day, his art central to his life. The place is nicknamed Rainbow Village and although initially slated by the Ministry of National Defense for redevelopment, politicians have succeeded in ensuring its preservation.

Post by Rachel Cassandra.