Swoon Thalassa edition Print Variant on Paper Monster

January 23, 2013

From the print shop, Paper Monster: "Thalassa is a new release of edition variant artworks by Swoon. The stunning original image has been shown as a site specific sculptural piece at the New Orleans Museum of Art in 2011. These EV* edition variants, featuring imagery of mother nature, more specifically mother of the sea, are created using a variety of handmade, found, repurposed, and salvaged materials. They are delicate works and and are extremely intricate, featuring screened and block printed elements, fine paper cut-outs, collage and paper layering, in addition to lots of hand painted finishing. Swoon has created another amazing series which clearly demonstrates her ability to transform a print edition into unique works of art. We are extremely honored to be a part of this release."

The prints are to be released on Wednesday, January 23rd at 12noon EST *

*Swoon editions her work with the addition of “EV” denoting “Edition Variant”. This is used to signify that each piece within the edition, while being the same imagery and format, is not identical as with a typical edition. The edition varies from piece to piece with elements such as hand painting, collage, and material, thus each work is completely unique, while existing within the edition. A piece signed 2/10 EV signifies that while the work is unique, only 10 of it’s kind will ever be created.




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