Best of 2013: Susannah Martin's Primordial Tourists

December 20, 2013

Originally published on March 21st 2013: This morning we take a look at the work of Berlin-based artist Susannah Martin. Her nude paintings are the product of her fascination with how artists throughout history have chosen to represent our interconnection with nature and how this has changed with the virtual world.

"It is the rise of the virtual world which has permitted artists to bypass any mandate of plausibility in representational painting. If man can now appear as an intergalactic android engaged in battle with an alien species he may also go bathing in a local stream. It IS realism, if we accept that realism now includes virtual realism, that is it incorporates a high degree of improbability, a hyperbolic realism. Man may return once again to his original landscape, his eternal home, all be it this time as a tourist, a primordial tourist." - Susannah Martin

via emptykingdom