March 25, 2013

Every Freitag “Hazzard” bag has a distinct life of its own before ever making its way onto your back. Each bag is typically on the road almost fi ve years before being crafted from recycled truck tarps, with individual design infl uenced by the colors, writing or markings of the tarps. Hand cut in Zurich Switzerland, the Hazzard also uses recycled seat belts as the shoulder straps, meaning every single bag that comes out of the Freitag factory is 100% unique. The pack is perfect for daily use, from storing sketchbooks and electronics, up to a 17” laptop, while also featuring a dry compartment in the front of the bag. As Freitag puts it “It will be like a true Swiss friend: modest, reliable, and always there when you need it”. With mass production so prevalent, it’s nice to have quality friends. —Brent DCVII Gentile

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