Studio Visit: Os Gemeos in Sao Paulo

June 10, 2014

Os Gemeos have always been synonymous with Brazil and the city of São Paulo. But it didn't even fully register until the twins painted the Brazilian National Football (Soccer) team's plane for the upcoming 2014 World Cup that the fact that they had become a national treasure was a reality. That is quite a big deal. There have been rumblings and clues that Os Gemeos have something big planned in the coming days/weeks, and we were lucky enough to get a visit to their studio a few months back to check in and say hello.

The best part? Our good friend and photographer-at-large, Brock Fetch, brought the band Portugal. The Man along with him to the studio. The Portland-based band was touring Brazil at the time, and Fetch was documenting their time and brought them to meet the Brazilian artists. Lots of fun, all around.

All photography by Brock Fetch.