Studio Visit: Conor Harrington in London

February 15, 2012

With a new solo exhibition at Lazardies Gallery scheduled March 2, 2012, we visited the London studio of Irish-born and former Juxtapoz cover artist, Conor Harrington. Making sure we get a glimpse of just a few of the new works set for Lazarides, Helen Soteriou (who interviewed Charming Baker back January 2012), we find bits of inspiration and influence strung about in Harrington's workspace.

As with Harrington's work in the past, he focuses on the imitators in our society, the ones that pose as icons and people of regal importance. From what we see in this new body of work, Harrington looks to be reinterpretating and heading face on with those classic eras his previous works were channeling. Lazarides Gallery notes of this new work, it is a "step indoors with a behind-the-scenes look at men of power within the setting of an 18th-Century feast. His interest in this period refers to an era when European power was at its peak and examines its heritage in contemporary society." A raid on art history... enjoy the new works, and look for all the bits of inspiration that Harrington has around his space. We love the wall of colorful smaller pieces...

All photography by Helen Soteriou