Juxtapoz takes a visit into the studio practice of Los Angeles-based painter, Dang Wayne Olsen. We interviewed Dang a few months back, getting a glimpse into his psychedelic and cartoon-style works, and here he gives us a little insight into the making of a new work.

"I feel like I’ve been blessed with many image packed ceilings and walls, so just zoning and picking things out of them, or getting blasted on the back of the eyelids with stuff. Sometimes the pictures are already popping on the paper and it's just about tracing them.

"The dream world is a major source. I’ve had episodes of sleep paralysis since I was a kid, so that whole realm really is of special interest. Becoming more lucid, more aware, gearing up for astral travel are probably what I spend the most focus on. I'm trying to be more consistent writing down my dreams, burning and drinking mugwort, smoking plenty of herb, trying to make connections, and really setting some intentions. I grab a lot of inspiration from there."

Sweet dreams.

Filmed and produced by Dang Olsen for Juxtapoz