Prior to Juxtapoz-favorite Josh Reames's new solo show at Jacob Lewis Gallery, opening September 15, JLG gave us some behind-the-scenes looks at Reames in the studio preparing for the ants are my friends, and they’re blowin’ in the wind. The show will run through October 21, 2017 at Jacob Lewis's space in NYC.

When we spoke with Reames in the May 2016 print issue, he told of his work, "It's modern-day hieroglyphics. Emojis operate in my paintings like any other object, number or image—they're all signifiers being spilled into the picture frame. My imagery and content comes from what’s around me, and that includes emojis. I don't think of them as being more or less important than any other image or brushmark in a painting. All of these things are objects being depicted in various ways."

As JLG points out, "Reames creates visual languages as fluid and open as the Internet that inspires much of his work, as the artist attempts to describe the 'slippery nature of meaning' in a time of ever-changing contexts. As a body, the artist envisions the work less as a narrative grouping than a 'filtration device', a net through which imagery and its associations pass. Leaves and scorch marks, snakes and fingerprints make multiple appearances, but each time as a reflection of something different. Here the leaves have lost their color, there the snake has lost its head, but they represent shifts in perspective. Every idea is seen in reference to the one preceding it, in turn informing the next, then circling back to create a new reality for the original; a cycle of understanding. Like the mondegreen title of the show, understanding is all contextual."

Read our interview with Josh Reames here.  

All photograohy courtesy of Jacob Lewis Gallery