Living in New York, the concept of personal space is one not often realized. You are almost always in competition to carve out some space to call your own, from a place to live, to standing room on the subway. But what NYC lacks in personal space, it gives back endlessly through interactions and inspiration.


DSCF1405 copy
Portrait by Malena Seldin

"I live and work in Brooklyn, splitting my studio between two separate spaces not far from one another—one, a small room in my apartment where I do the majority of my drawing and painting, and the second, a shared space where I do my woodworking and larger projects. I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to change my scenery as well as having the options of working by myself or surrounded by fellow artists.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that my home studio mimics my work in some ways. It’s lined with mementos, notes, art from friends, photos, things I’ve picked up along the way on my travels—all things I want to remember and surround myself with. And my process is one that often mirrors that idea. I tend to observe and write a lot about the things happening around me, and the work becomes a distillation of the ideas I’ve found to be important and don’t want to lose sight of." —Scott Albrecht