For years now in San Francisco, Jeff Canham is a known man if you wanted your business to look good. His sign painting was a mixture of fine art and design, and it defined a time in SF when handmande, craft, and locally sourced artwork, fashion and food made the city exciting and innovative. Canham's newest works combine all those elements; sculpture, hand-painted signage and woodwork, culminating in a new solo show, Garden Variety, opening on November 6th at Hashimoto Contemporary's San Francisco space. 

From the gallery: "The artist's original practice began by creating collaged paintings. Drawn from Canham's background in design and sign painting, these works are created in the same manor as vintage signs, utilizing the rules of typography. Canham's paintings are inspired by the city around him. Presented alongside his plant sculptures is a series of paintings consisting of elements of signs from San Francisco’s main thoroughfares and shops. These assemblages highlight a few of the commonplace and wonderful old signs that Canham has encountered around San Francisco. Some may be easily recognizable to the viewer, while others may be hidden, waiting to be discovered." 

Garden Variety will be on view November 6th - 27th with an opening reception on Saturday, November 6th from 11am - 7pm, no appointment necessary.