Studio Time

Morgan Blair: Who’s In Your Studio?

August 18, 2017

In each print edition of Juxtapoz, we dedicate a page to the the "studio life" of an artist we are interviewing in an issue. What they like, what they have, how they got the space, where the space is, etc. In the August 2017 issue, we had Morgan Blair give us the rundown of her space in NYC.

"I have tons of weird crap in my live-work garage that I surround myself with, including a huge VHS collection that my boyfriend has at least doubled since catching the impulse from me. Actually, I just counted out of curiosity—there are 1,036 tapes, give or take a few. My most cherished tape is titled "Pebbles Christmas Eve Party Dec.24.91." It has footage of a party at Starlite Ballroom (now Unique FootCare, according to Google) around East Flatbush in Brooklyn, where everyone is wearing the most wild, neon, iridescent, bejeweled and sequined spandex outfits I've ever seen. It's a pretty amazing time capsule that goes on for several hours, and has an air of mystery, given that it looks for all the world like a New Year’s party.

"I also have a bunch of wild afghans around that are nice to look at. There's a holographic mouse pad. A little clay devil head that I made in junior high. A Garfield telephone. Todd Rundgren, A Wizard, A True Star record. A shirt from a bodega in Richmond, Virginia with this purple-sky cityscape on it and "Puerto Rico" in Marlboro font. I have a brick I kept from Monster Island that has pastel paint splattered all over it from when I shared a studio with Maya Hayuk for maybe a year, and she did the paint-pour down the sides of the building before it was destroyed. I really miss that place. It's nice to have that brick. Also, a little bottle of cat whiskers that I found and collected from around the house. I'm waiting to find one from this nice stray friend of ours, Tiger Boy, who has the coolest half-black, half-white whiskers." —Morgan Blair 

Read our full interview with Morgan Blair here. 

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