Two months since his last showcase in Marbella, Spain, Javier Calleja will be opening another European solo show on August 16th at Gallery Zink in Hamburg, Germany. On view for only three days, Fake is The Future will include about a dozen new pieces created especially for this showcase, and displayed inside of custom painted exhibition space.

Consisting of works on canvas, paper, and mural paintings, the install will be a great opportunity to experience all the formats within which Calleja constructs his universe. Reflecting his own thoughts, feelings, and ideas through cartoon-like portraits of childlike subjects, the Malaga-based artist has developed a universally effective visual language that captures the audience's attention with its purity and modesty. Simultaneously, the entire body of work is meant to challenge the viewer's perception, by camouflaging the individual works within this complex composition, and inciting the viewer to interact with the display.

Following the title of the show, the installation is somewhat of a commentary on the modern day reality, which is often manufactured and fake. Using his incorrupt, magnetic-eyed characters as storytellers, the artist is inviting the visitors to reach for their childhood innocence when experiencing the exhibition and discovering its truths. Keeping his visual language thoroughly simple, yet captivating and recognizable, Calleja will be introducing another series of enigmatic and ingenious works that are presenting his pictorial ideas imbued with humor and childlike optimism. —Sasha Bogojev