Studio Time

Dan Lam: Den Of Drips

July 29, 2017

"My studio takes up half of my house in Dallas. I've always loved having my studio where I live. I keep late hours, so it's nice not to have a commute. I’m nearby main highways, residential houses, schools, restaurants, and, of course, Sprinkles Cupcakes.

"The setup in my studio involves plastic sheeting covering everything—the floors, tables, countertops, etc., which makes for easy cleanup and moving. I have a stockpile of supplies ready to go at any moment because I hate running out of materials mid-process. I'm pretty organized, and it can get chaotic and messy in here, so I like to keep things as efficient as possible.

"I mainly listen to TV shows while working. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office are probably the most played in my rotation. I've seen them so much, it's easy to have them on as background noise. Also on the playlist are horror films or stand-up comedy specials, and sometimes, audiobooks. Occasionally, I'll listen to music, mostly hip hop. The only thing I do ritualistically when I get to the studio is smoke some weed. I like to work when it's dark outside, with a fully belly, and have water and snacks readily accessible.

"My studio can get a little cramped when I'm in production mode, but I have a lot of freedom. I keep a lot of books around, art from other artists I've collected, and experimental shapes, forms and materials. In my dream world, I'd love a big open space with large windows for natural light, large garage or barn doors for easily moving pieces in and out, a separate big room for storage, and a room I could make into a gallery space to try out different ideas for exhibits and attempt site-specific installations." —Dan Lam

Photos by Shayna Fontana

Read our full feature with Dan Lam in the new September 2017 print edition of Juxtapoz.

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