Street Posters by Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim

February 12, 2012

British illustrator Jody Barton, who has taken on an array of impressive clients spanning from Stussy to Phoenix, has teamed up with native Bostonian Luke Pommersheim to write these quirky street posters. The posters are funny in their contradictions. Placed in public places for anyone to read, they delve into personal and awkwardly revealing details of odd behavior and obsessive concerns revealing (what we assume are) fictional personalities that seem simultaneously introverted and very public. All the posters, penned by an anonymous writer named Jens (which is a common Danish name), call the viewers to come to Nansensgade 26 at KL 14 (KL 14 means 2 pm) for an ambiguous congregation of strangers. We are not sure of the result but one thing is certain, it is probably weird and fascinating.