Like many young boys around the world, Zoer grew up flipping through car magazines, soaking up all the shapes and colors, as well as the general aesthetics of automotive industry. But unlike others, this left a massive impact on his creative output. Zoer's recent artwork has been strongly influenced by that same imagery, which became the pillar for the rich and extraordinary creations and compositions.

Zoer (who, along with Velvet, participated in Juxtapoz x Superflat in Vancouver) recently participated in the Jidar festival in Rabat, Morocco, where he painted this large multi-story mural titled "Un temps suspendu" (A suspended time). As the title suggests, the image is created around the idea of frozen time, which was then depicted through a surreal image created of stacked old cars that could be seen driving through the streets of Rabat. Based on a sketch he created using toys and cutouts from old car magazines (seen in the gallery above), Zoer painted the entire piece with acrylics, without using spray cans. He also recently did an unusual installation in a scrap yard, where he portrayed an abandoned Renault 18 on the side of an old van. This was a spontaneous piece that happened upon the finishing his recent installation "Nouvelle Vague" (New Wave), created together with Velvet in Nantes, France. The two created an illusion of fossil-like car remains that were rediscovered after a long time of being submerged in water/dirt. Using black, white and red paint, the two artists used the car junkyard as their playground, simultaneously interacting with Axel Void's billboard mural in the back.

Finally, Zoer recently took off for a Creença art residency program in Catalonia, Spain, where he constructed this impromptu install with Sebas Velasco, working alongside 40+ international artists. Curated by Axel Void this program will be producing on-site installations as well as studio works, all of which will be publicly revealed in a show that will take place from 31st of August to Sunday 2nd of September. —Sasha Bogojev