Street Art

Watch: Vermibus Removes Excess Advertisements And Challenges Beauty Standars

October 20, 2017

We met Vemibus earlier this year at the Nuart festival in Stavanger, and are excited to share his latest project, In Absentia. The project consists of 21 pieces, all created on actual add posters removed from public space.

With his process, the Berlin-based artist is fighting a consumerism philosophy on two levels: he is both removing excessive advertising seen in most major cities worldwide, and  physically disturbing the imposition of beauty standards. Using chemical solvents as his weapon of choice, he is re-purposing these common objects and the whole concept in order to fight back, and employing the same tools and techniques. To introduce this body of work Vermibus produced an atmospheric video as an autonomous work of art. Presented in Matro trains and stations of Paris, his poignant and somewhat sinister works are shown without any human presence in otherwise bustling settings, celebrating the power to take back the public space while expressing creativity and disagreement. —Sasha Bogojev